Game Plan

So today I decided my game plan. Since I am sensitive to dairy, I will be going full on dairy free. Which isn’t too bad because some of the vegan cheeses out there aren’t too bad (when you mix them with something else). I’m also going to be on a low carb, high protein diet. I will try to cut out most refined carbs but definitely focus on more protein rather than more fat.

I’m going to do a Weight Loss Contract with my sister for the next 12 weeks. I did this back when I first did low carb with Oprah’s Boot Camp contract and did really well. I think putting it on paper and committing to the process and to yourself really made a difference.

I did spend almost $200 today on new workout gear: shoes, shorts and shirts, and an arm band and new headphones. No excuses for not working out or running anymore! Not I need to find a good workout for my non-run days. The gym is definitely intimidating but I’m not a fan of the workout machines I’ve done in the past. I need something better.

I haven’t gone to the grocery store this week but I do have some things that fit the plan that will tide me over for a few days. I’m hoping that by writing everyday, I will keep my focus and motivation if not get out some of my issues/problems. Looking forward to changing my life.

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Love fitness but also love food! Follow me along on my journey.

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