Healthy isn’t always Cheap or Easy

This weekend was colder weather in Texas so I didn’t push myself to go run outside or anything. Which isn’t great because my 5 mile run (that I kept thinking was a 5K – definitely on the same) is on Saturday. It’s also a trail run which I didn’t pay attention to when I signed up! Oops 🙂

Sundays are my whatever days as far as my eating plans. However, since this month I’m doing the no extra spend month, I probably ate more vegetarian than normal. I did go grocery shopping this morning and one of the things I always notice which really frustrates me is how expensive some of the more healthy items are than the not so healthy items are. Or if something is in the “organic/healthy” section, how it’s more expensive than it should be.

1st Case – Non-Dairy Milk. I am lactose intolerant (even though I eat cheese like it’s going out of style) so almond milk is usually my go to. But now that I’ve been doing my zero waste/more eco-friendly things, almond milk uses A LOT of water to make. So I’ll do Soy Milk. Either way – it’s typically $3-$4 per carton for the non-dairy milks! Thank goodness I don’t drink it everyday like I used to with real milk, but geez.
BTW – I bought the Ripple Pea Milk which I have heard a lot about and it is much more eco-friendly. I will keep everyone posted because I’m super excited.

2nd Case – Cold Brew Coffee. This isn’t something that I would consider “healthy” by any means but I can only find it in that section. Not by the bottled water or tea section, not in the coffee section. And the cheapest one is $5. HOW? Bottled Tea isn’t that expensive. Regular coffee (depending on brand) isn’t even that expensive. No wonder I struggle with weight – it’s easier/cheaper to not buy healthy.

The two cases above are on my list to figure out how to do myself so I don’t have to spend money on them. Comment or Like below if you feel me!


Happy Sunday and a new week!

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