Is working out selfish? Part Two

Interesting feedback on Part One! I really love to hear your opinions and thoughts!! Last post, I really talked about how I struggle with trying to fit in working out or running in my day and how I feel guilty about when I do. I would like to discuss why I personally feel bad/guilty about using “extra time” to devote to myself and also some things you can do if you don’t have the flexibility for it.

So why do we feel guilty when we take time for ourselves? I feel bad almost every time I leave from work directly to the gym or my run and don’t get home until 7/7:30. I mainly feel bad because my dog is at home all day without anything to do. She has lots of energy and I always feel like a bad pet parent when I keep her cooped up too long. I try to make up for it with longer walks or staying up later but her actual activity level is low on these days. One solution – I’m going to take her on some of my runs in the future. Maybe instead of focusing on my run time or distance, stop by the house, pickup Sara and run at the park or even around a neighborhood. That way, I can kill two birds with one stone. I am getting to the point where it will be too hot for her to be outside on the pavement so I’ll have to rethink timing maybe.

Another reason I feel guilty or bad about choosing after work runs is that I have to get home to cook dinner. Solution – meal prep or par cook. I used to do this and don’t know why I stopped but I would spend Sundays making a majority of my meals or even take the night before to make part of my meal. I usually get home and it’s 8:15 by the time I eat or I’ll order out (neither are great options).

Now you may be thinking, I just can’t add extra time to my day to workout. Then, try to do it during the day. Before I started back in my runs and workouts, I would take quick breaks at work to walk the floors of the hotel I work at. Or walk around the parking garage. Or instead of taking the elevator down or up, use the stairs. It’s the small things that can make a big difference. And if you have time, or feel comfortable doing it, complete a workout during lunch and eat on a break. I know plenty of people that do this successfully! I sweat too much when I workout so it’s just not an option for me when trying to remain professional looking haha.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you when looking at your schedule and trying to fit in a more active life. One thing I really want to say is that you deserve to feel good. You deserve to try and be the best you can be. You deserve to have some time to yourself. Because if you are making an effort to put your best foot forward, everything else falls into place.

Happy Friday!!

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