Yellow Light to Success

FRIDAY is here! Woo, this week has been a long one. Still getting over my sinus infection/allergies and I don’t think it’ll ever go away.

As I have mentioned before, I commute to work about 45 minutes each way (in Dallas we say minutes because mileage is only about 20 😂). Yesterday after work I took a different route since I was going to the park for a run. It takes me down roads with lots of intersections and red lights. About halfway through my drive, I realized I had been going through a lot of yellow lights. Not many reds, they would be green till I got to the line and switch to yellow. So of course you do the search for a cop and speed up 😂 Ha, no but I coast through them because it’s riskier to try and stop and have a wreck. I said out loud how my whole day has been full of yellow lights and I had somewhat of an epiphany on yellow lights and my journey with running, weight loss, and life in general.

Yellow lights are there for a warning and caution. Warning of the pending red light for a stop of motion (or progress) and caution because you need to decide if you should keep going or stop. Too many times, I have used yellow lights as stopping points. Too often, I use my brakes on success or progress for many factors: being afraid, unwillingness, laziness, or stubbornness. But up until recently, it never clicked that life is not going to be like a highway with no stops or only green lights. It’s going to be like Dallas 5 o’clock traffic: stop and go (and some reassessing of the path). There will be times that I may have to take the long way to get to where I’m going because it will actually be better. Or I may have to take a chance and go through a yellow light (obstacle) so I don’t let my momentum stop.

Many times in my life, I have had a full tank of gas, GPS & directions, snacks for the road trip and no need for bathroom breaks only to wait for my green light to turn yellow so I could stop for the red. But not anymore. Just like yesterday, I now try to coast through most of the yellow lights in my life. And I hope you will too.

Now you may be thinking, this post sounded better in his head and real weird on paper. And you’re probably right 😂 This post also is not me telling you to run red lights haha. Just something I was thinking of and how it pertains to life. C’mon analogy!

I hope you all have a great weekend. If you’re celebrating Father’s Day, have a fun and safe celebration. And go run yellow lights (in life)!

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