Learning a thing from Podcasts

Happy Friday! This week for some reason, I have been very in to podcasts. Like…weirdly into podcasts. I always thought podcasts were weird because it’s radio but like not. But I started listening to a few fitness related ones and have really enjoyed them! I bring this up because I heard something on one of them that I tried today – and it really worked.

The 2 podcasts I’m currently listening to consistently are “The Model Health Show” with Shawn Stevenson. He has really great content. I also randomly listen to “Ben Greenfield Fitness” with Ben Greenfield – interesting stuff too! One episode of Ben’s has on Naomi Whittel who wrote Glow 15 and talks about cell autophagy (google it, it’s super complex but very interesting). Anyway, for some reason, one thing she said during the podcast stuck with me because it seemed easy. Something along the lines of “fat first, carbs last”. So basically, first thing in the morning, break your fast with fat (good fat: avocado, coconut oil, etc.) and end the day with a carb (strawberries, blueberries, etc.).

Today I tried it. I ate only bacon (not the best fat đŸ˜‚) first thing this morning. And I honestly had a very different day with food and hunger. I wasn’t nearly as hungry in the morning that I typically am. I chose a healthy lunch (salad) and wasn’t crazy hungry in the afternoon. It was weird! But also really cool. I have ended my nights with fruit before but I’ll try again tonight to see if there is a difference.

Random post – but I thought it was cool. Check out the podcasts I mentioned, they are good! Are there any that you listen to that you recommend? Let me know!

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