Keto Plan by Jake

So I am by no means a nutritionist or anything. But here is how I decided my keto journey.

Keto is short for ketosis which is basically when you starve your body lol. But on the keto diet, in order to get into keto, you have to eat almost no sugar (sweets, starches, breads). Your overall carbs need to stay anywhere from 0% to 10% of your overall daily calories. Mine is at 10%

One of the other ways to get into ketosis faster is by eating more fat. My fat percentage is 60%. A lot of information on lines mentions doing 80% but I personally like to have a little more percentage left for protein.

With protein being the remaining macro, that leaves 30% of my daily calories as protein. And protein is important because it helps keep you fuller for longer, but it also helps a lot with skin and hair.

Here is a random day in the life of my meals on keto to give you an idea what you can eat.


Keto Iced Coffee from Starbucks (no classic, 3 equals, and heavy cream).

Love Starbucks egg bites, my faves are the bacon and gruyere. But eating scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage. I will have an English muffin from time to time but no bagels. Bagels are loaded with carbs.

Lunch – usually a salad. It’s the easiest.

Dinner – mostly my recipes that I find. But it’s always a protein (usually chicken) with a veggie (Brussel sprouts and greens have been my go-to lately) with double veggies or cauliflower rice or mashed sweet potatoes.

That’s about it. Any snacks are going to be beef jerkey, nuts, hummus.

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