Vegetarian Trimester

Good morning and happy Friday everyone! I hope you all are having a great start to your week. We are coming upon the official starting day of summer but it has definitely gotten hot enough to already be that way. Although the weather recently has been rainier than usual. I am coming up on 3 weeks of not having fake sugar or sodas! I have switched all of my coffee over to either real sugar or no sugar at all (that’s been a hard adjustment). If I absolutely have to have something bubbly, I’ve been drinking Topo Chico lol. But honestly, I feel pretty good! My taste buds are still trying to catch up because unsweet tea and the coffee part has really been hard. But I only have until the end of June and I know I can finish out strong. Hopefully I won’t want to go back to using equal or sweet n low.

This week, I’m talking about my 3 months living the vegetarian lifestyle. It’s crazy to me that I’ve been doing this for 3 months already. I know I’ve said this before, but it was surprisingly easier than I expected it to be. It’s very easy to find vegetarian options out to eat and restaurants and very willing to help with finding something for you. My wallet thanks me because my grocery store bill has significantly dropped due to not having to buy protein. There are some vegetarian optioned items that are pricey but I usually stayed away from those.

The only thing I researched but definitely didn’t do a great job of was still getting in the appropriate amount of protein. And it showed. Protein helps you stay full longer because your body doesn’t process it as well as fat and carbs. I was a whole lot more snack-ish during the three months than I normally am. You can get protein through Tofu, Beans, and some leafy greens and I just didn’t do a good job of incorporating that. I also gained a good amount of weight in the beginning. I ate a whole lot more candy and dessert-y items while being vegetarian and I packed on the extra sugar.

Overall, vegetarian lifestyle isn’t bad. I can see myself going back to it in the future. I didn’t miss meat at all. I do feel different. I don’t want to say I feel better because while I may have a bit more energy, because of all of the cheese I would eat, my stomach didn’t like me. But my head feels a little clearer, I have more small energy (just daily, every-day task energy) and I felt more productive. Interesting!

July 1st, I’m on to the shake meal replacement plans. I’m starting with SlimFast because it’s going to be cheaper than the other one and it’s easier to get by July. I’m really excited because I’m ready to drop some weight which I feel like I’ll do on this one.

I hope you all have a great weekend – stay safe in the heat! And wear sunscreen!

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