Blame It On the Alcohol

Happy Friday! I hope you all are having a great week and had a Happy Independence Day! It’s been a good week on the new challenge which I’ll talk about more later. I meant to post this blog last week, but it was a crazy week and I didn’t have time to think it all through haha. But this week, I’m talking about alcohol and specifically alcohol when dieting.

Alcohol was not a big thing for me until (*cough cough High School cough cough*) college and boy did I go at it. Part of the college life of hanging out with friends at bars, having drinks at dinner, etc. When I started getting poor (ha) I quit going out and really just drank at home, usually wine. About 3 years ago, I did a no alcohol month in August and didn’t break it until my birthday in September and I realized I never missed it. Since then, it could be literal months between my drinks and I choose a dry red or white wine or a vodka sprite. Alcohol doesn’t necessarily agree with me anymore and I have terrible non-drunk hangover effects.

There are lots of studies about alcohol consumption and health. Wine is good for you but too much wine isn’t. If you drink liquor, clear liquors are better but also tequila is (no matter the color). It’s all super confusing and doesn’t make much sense honestly. Most of it really boils down to the excess sugar that is typically consumed with alcohol or the “drunk binging” that you do at Whataburger after a night out.

Last week, one of the girls in my office was leaving so we had a going away happy hour for her. I hadn’t gone into that day thinking, “oh I’m not going to drink” or “oh I’m going to drink”. We got there, ordered some apps and I decided on a vodka with sprite and lime. Drank it, not fast or slow, and that was it. The rest of the night, I drank lots of water. The next morning, I FELT LIKE CRAP. I couldn’t sleep the night before and didn’t sleep well when I did. Woke up very groggy and super tired. Ate my normal breakfast for the day and still felt bad. Downed more water and some Gatorade and it still didn’t help. I thought I had forgotten to take my medicine because I was slightly dizzy and off all day. Got home, drank more water and then decided to go for a walk to help get the blood flowing. It helped a little but not much. Knowing it will get better the next day, I go to bed and take some meds for my headache. Wake up the next morning, STILL FELT LIKE CRAP. Same exact symptoms but started chugging water. Made sure I remembered I took my medicine and then started my day. Ate breakfast, drank lots of water, and still felt bad. Then after lunch, it went away.

I thought back to everything I had eaten the past few days that may have done this. Did I eat mushrooms unknowingly? No. Did I not drink enough water? There’s no way I didn’t. It had to be the alcohol. Still not 100% convinced that it was entirely that, but that’s what I came up with. And it had been about 3 months since my last drink, but I had never experienced that before. But it goes to my point of how alcohol doesn’t agree with me. Which is why I don’t drink much. Which probably feeds into why it doesn’t agree with me lol.

So that’s that on that. 😊

I started my 3-month challenge of meal replacement shakes. So far, it’s going well. I am trying to figure out which meal is easier to not eat during the day. So far lunch is the hardest one to eat because I get SUPER hungry for dinner. But Slim Fast has changed their formula since 10 years ago when I had it last time haha. They now have a keto option as well as an advanced nutrition with extra protein. I’m using the advanced nutrition shakes which are good! There are a lot of receipts on Slim Fast’s website and they also have supplements which was very surprising. It’s not anything crazy, but they have energy pills, keto/carb burners, fat burners, etc. I didn’t get any of those because I could only find them on Amazon and they were expensive lol. But it’s good, I don’t feel hungry a lot which is nice. I’ll update more on this in the month. I think I’m going to do Slim Fast for the entire month of June, then change over to Herbalife and then Premier Protein (potentially).

I’m going to add my favorite smoothie recipes on here as well, one HERE.

I hope you all have a great weekend! We are on the downslope of the 2019 year, can you believe?

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