Back from Ghosting

Hello hello hello! Happy November! Happy Tuesday! Happy last 2 months of the 2010 decade! I know it’s been awhile. I didn’t mean to completely ghost everyone for the past month. I just have been so demotivated to write and didn’t have anything meaningful to say, so I didn’t post. But now, my name is Jake Moreland and I have something to say!

It has been a month since I started the calorie counting and the 1800 cal/day and 1200 cal/day. I have lost 10 lbs so far. It could have been more but week 3 I was sick with a sinus infection and really didn’t eat well at all. I noticed right off the bat that 1200 cal/day was not going to work on my non-workout days. I ended up increasing it to 1500 cal/day and that extra 300 cals made a difference. Counting the calories has been much easier than in the past and I have not felt anxious about going over. I honestly haven’t eaten enough sometimes and it’s nice to have an extra treat at night!

I was splitting the calories up in 5 meals per day which unless you wake up at the butt crack of dawn, is not easy. Let’s say I didn’t get up at 6a (which, who does that?) and didn’t eat breakfast until 8a. That means lunch falls at 11a/12p. Then snack is at 2p/3p and dinner is at 5p/6p with a late snack at 8p/9p? Yeah, no. I changed it to a 4 meal a day thing to make myself not go crazy and go to bed bloated.

For November, I am continuing the 1800 cal/day on workout days and 1500 cal/day on non-workout days but I am adding a slight twist. I am now eating a more “Mediterranean Diet” lifestyle. What that really entails is just eating healthy. The protein is geared more towards Mediterranean native meats (fish, some poultry) and just not a lot of red meat. Which is easy for me, because I don’t do much red meat anyway. More fruits & veggies (fruits – citrus, berries, grapes; veggies – pretty much anything) as well as seeds and legumes. Dairy is at a minimum and I’ve taken this first week as a non-dairy week to see how it goes. I added LOTS of olives to my salad today because I needed that flavor from fat. And for grains, whole wheat or whole grain breads, pastas, etc. I made a whole wheat loaf last night that I will dig into tonight for dinner – keep you updated (recipe was weird so hopefully it’s good). I found a new blueberry muffin recipe which is amaze-balls that I will post later this week. But I haven’t had a diet actually make me want to bake and cook my own stuff like this. So maybe it’ll stick?

I am going to partake in the Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving this year (2nd year). I will most likely not be running it but maybe a brisk walk? My sister talked me into signing up for the Hot Chocolate 15K in February and actually run it this year (not like the last 4 years where I sign up and don’t go J). I started my training yesterday after work so fingers crossed I keep it up even with the cold.

I made chili last night that was a white chili and super good. Not traditional but I’ll post that recipe soon as well. We’re in fall which is when I really love cooking because I will actually use my oven to warm my apartment rather than the heater J

I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

-Side Note – did you know today is National Love Your Red Hair Day? And even though I’m not a natural red head, I’m going to celebrate 🙂

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