Low Energy and Lethargic

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you had a great February – it went by pretty fast. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a great month for me on the eating-well front. I maybe gained a pound or two, so I maintained what I had, but I just wasn’t in it. There were/are some work stressors that really took hold last week but I think I’m over most of it now. Since it’s a new month, I really want to get it back together. I have a goal of losing an additional 20 lbs by the end of the month (probably won’t happen) but I can still try, right?

I don’t really have a good topic this week. I have been really trying to figure out why my energy levels in general are super low. I feel like I have been tired my entire life and it’s now just a part of my personality but there has to be a reason why, right? Well I looked it up and pretty much anything and everything can contribute to low energy. Overweight? Not enough sleep? Too much sleep? Diabetes? Depression? Anxiety? Seriously, everything.

Mine is mainly, obviously driven by being overweight. I also most likely have sleep apnea but I’m not doing a sleep study. I taken anxiety/depression medicine but have a feeling that could be part of it too. One article I read said that not exercising enough would contribute to low energy levels. Yeah, but my low energy levels don’t want me to exercise haha. Another thing that popped up was chronic fatigue syndrome – not sure if I’m to that point yet but it definitely feels that way.

Can we talk about how every article I read was about reducing stress levels? Yeah…ok. Have you seen the world we live in?

There are no quick ways to truly fix energy issues either – working out helps but I also feel tired in a different way too. I take supplements, drink caffeine, etc. and they really don’t do much. One article from Harvard mentioned to actually restrict your sleep to see how much you truly need – that’s my next try. It sounds counter-productive but I’m definitely going to try it lol.

Also, I feel that having high energy levels and being “awake” are different things. I can have caffeine too late in the day which will keep me up but that doesn’t mean I’m not tired or lethargic. That’s what I’m talking about – lethargy.

Any suggestions you all have, I’m all ears. I hope my energy increases the more weight I lose but until then, I’ll be the tired sloth I am.

I’m traveling later this week so you’ll probably see some IG stories about it lol. I hope you all have a great week!

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