Top 10 Easy and Healthy Snack Ideas

Here are my Top 10 snacks that are relatively healthy and also super convenient.

Being Thankful in Order to be Giving

Happy Tuesday everyone! It is the week of Turkey Day! 😊 Whoop. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday of the year because the food is always delicious, and, in our family, we have the some of the same items every year, and then some are surprises. I am going to try to make some healthy/ketoContinue reading “Being Thankful in Order to be Giving”

Learning a thing from Podcasts

Happy Friday! This week for some reason, I have been very in to podcasts. Like…weirdly into podcasts. I always thought podcasts were weird because it’s radio but like not. But I started listening to a few fitness related ones and have really enjoyed them! I bring this up because I heard something on one ofContinue reading “Learning a thing from Podcasts”